April 24, 2023

Presenting the Advario Sustainability Report 2022

Advario is pleased to present the Advario Sustainability Report 2022, our first standalone sustainability report. The report showcases our commitment to being a frontrunner in the energy transition, caring for people and the environment, and applying fair business practices.

Our vision is to be the partner for progress in the energy transition, and our ambitious sustainability strategy underpins everything we do. In the report, we show how our commitment to sustainability defines the growth opportunities we pursue, the partnerships we develop, and the projects we invest in. We also share more about our roadmap to our 2040 Net Zero target, what we do to actively make an impact today, and how we care for our people and the communities we operate in.

Impactful change

2022 was a year of significant change worldwide; change that globally impacted people, societies and economies. The energy sector was at the heart of this change: energy powers the life of people, powers societies and economies. To further the energy transition, investment and innovation in infrastructure is crucial. Rapid development of sustainable storage solutions is needed to make the growth of the demand for chemicals, gases, future fuels and new energy products possible. 

The storage industry plays a pivotal role in both the assurance of energy security and the acceleration of the energy transition. And Advario, a global player, is at the forefront of positive change in the storage industry. Working with our partners, we progress towards future-focused, sustainable solutions, together.

Read the full report here. 

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