February 28, 2024

Advario supports the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal

“The Antwerp Declaration is a watershed moment for the European industrial sector. It rightly calls for a sharper industrial policy in Europe on par with the European Green Deal.

I join my fellow business leaders in endorsing the Declaration and calling for a stronger industrial policy framework – one that reflects the role we can play as enablers of Europe’s climate ambitions and future growth.

In advancing Europe’s position as a sustainable, green economy globally, the moment is now to pair Europe’s ambitious, forward-thinking green policies with an equally bold enterprising policy framework for Europe’s industrial sectors.

Clarity of Europe’s industrial policy ambitions helps us transform our sector, innovate technologies, systems and processes, and creates a clear roadmap for investments in job creation and infrastructure.

I am excited about the future. We are on the cusp on a new frontier. In the coming decades we will see new technologies, products, skills emerge, some not dreamed of before.

At Advario we pride ourselves of our partnering skills. It’s in our DNA to work together to overcome business challenges and make progress. By closely cooperating along the value chain we can drive European innovation and growth together – supported by a European Industrial Deal. Together we can create a competitive green, and climate neutral, economy by 2050.”

Bas Verkooijen, Advario CEO

"To be able to deliver growth, drive innovation and further the energy transition, Europe's industry needs clarity, predictability and confidence in Europe and its industrial policy." – Bas Verkooijen
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