October 12, 2023

Advario launches Horizon 2030: the next step in the delivery of our ambitious strategy

Earlier today, Advario leadership announced the start of our Horizon 2030 program. Horizon 2030 is the next step in the execution of Advario’s strategy. The program is focused on unlocking our full potential, through the delivery of our existing purpose, strategic priorities and objectives. It builds on existing continuous improvement initiatives and integrates new excellence programs.

“Horizon 2030 is the next step in the delivery of our ambitious strategy,” says Bas Verkooijen, Advario CEO. “And with the launch of Horizon 2030, we also formally close Project Accelerate. Project Accelerate is the name we gave to the transition phase during which the Advario brand was globally launched and established.”

Advario is two years into its journey. In those two years, the company completed the carve-out, rebranded its terminals, set-up the new global headquarters in Rotterdam, and defined its growth strategy. With these major steps taken, the time came to reflect, but also to look forward. Bas: “As leadership team, we feel Advario can be very proud. Company-wide, we can be proud of how we have established Advario have achieved significant progress towards the delivery of our strategy, and we see Advario is starting to unlock its full potential.”

A strong project funnel

Advario has built a strong growth project funnel, which includes a good mix of greenfield developments and brownfield expansions, focused on chemicals, gases, new energies and biofuels. The company is also implementing decarbonization efforts and finalizing its greenhouse gas reduction plans for each terminal – in line with the company ambition to reach Net Zero by 2040.

Advario sees that the market continues to provide very good opportunity for growth. Supply security and the energy transition are more relevant than ever and require significant investments in liquid energy storage and logistics. At the same time the environment the company is operating in also provides some challenges: in terms of inflation, rising interest rates and geopolitical unrest.

Safely and reliably providing storage logistics to our customers, day in and day out, whilst pursuing growth opportunities that deliver the most value for Advario, its partners, and wider society, requires focus. Horizon 2030 provides the focus needed to deliver Advario’s existing strategy.

Introducing Horizon 2030

Horizon 2030 is a holistic, company-wide roadmap that focuses on growth. It builds on Advario’s strengths – our customer-focus, engineering capability and commitment to safety. And because it sets out a clear direction, it makes it possible for the people that together form Advario to unlock the company’s full potential by 2030. Bas: “Collaborating, our people across the globe have delivered strong performance during our journey so far. Our collective strong performance gives us confidence we can deliver this program together.”

As part of the program, Advario will conduct a strategic review of our operations in China. This review will determine a broad range of options to best achieve long-term value growth at the Nanjing and Daya Bay terminals.

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