Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

Health, Safety, Security and Environment is a core Advario value and the central HSSE Department is a key part of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) organization.

The handling of large volumes of valuable and potentially hazardous materials calls for responsible and safe operations, and it is Advario’s main aim to manage this safely, responsibly and sustainably. We place a crucial importance as part of all our initiatives for managing safety in a way that protects our people, installations, and processes, while working towards Environmental Protection and Sustainability. 

Advario complies with the highest Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) standards, ensuring targets are set and the performance is benchmarked to achieve continuous improvement and best in class performance, reflected in the HSSE policy and in line with Advario’s Vision and Mission. 

For our journey of continuous improvement towards Target Zero (no harm to people and the environment), we have introduced the following Safety Principles and Life Saving Rules which reflect our beliefs and the way we enhance our safety culture and performance.

Our safety principles:

  • All incidents can be prevented.
  • Management at all levels is accountable for safety and leads by example.
  • We plan and train for safety
  • Everyone looks out for each other, no matter who they work for.
  • Everyone has the authority to STOP any unsafe work.
  • Safe behavior is recognized, acknowledged and reinforced
  • Zero tolerance for safety breaches.

Our Life Saving Rules (LSR):

  • Working at height
  • Energy isolation
  • Confined space
  • Permit to work
  • Safe lifting
  • Safe driving

    The HSSE Department of Advario covers four main areas of interest: 

    • HSSE Governance and Systems
    • Occupational Health, Safety and Security
    • Process Safety Management
    • Environmental and Operational Sustainability

    Its main topics are:

    • Central HSSE programs and launch of central improvement initiatives within Advario aligned via the structured Objectives and Key Results (OKR) processes and the internal HSSE meetings structure. 
    • Developing, launching and setting of directives, standards, guidelines, minimum requirements, and targets to provide structure and direction to drive continuous improvement and HSSE excellence. 
    • Monitoring compliance with our policy, directive and standards through the performance of integrated audits and through an analysis of detailed HSSE statistics with “leading” and “lagging” Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
    • Driving effective training and education of our employees and contractors in matters of HSSE.
    • Creating a Culture of Care, committed to prevent all accidents, injuries, and occupational illness, with a view to technical, organizational, and behaviour-based safety culture.
    • HSSE Leadership.
    • Analytical review of HSSE performance data such as incidents, near miss cases (NMC) and unsafe acts and conditions (UAC), deriving and sharing of lessons learned to prevent them from happening in the future.
    • Management and standardization of HSSE processes with central automated tools and systems (e.g., the Incident Management Database, the HSSE KPI dashboard, Annual Reporting database).
    • Evaluation of the environmental impact of Advario’s operations, assessment and review of the current environmental conditions and liabilities of its assets, establishing an environmental management system to ensure that design, change, operation, and maintenance of assets is following environmental regulations and aligns with the sustainability objectives.

    We train and educate our employees to carry out all work-related activity on the premises in a safe and secure manner, while meeting all locally applicable regulations and company standards. 

    In this regard, every year Advario holds the Global Safety Day across all our offices and terminals around the world, where all our employees and our contractors share best practices, identify opportunities for further development to make sure every employee has a safe working environment.

    Many of our facilities store or handle hazardous products. To prevent theft, vandalism and even terrorism we continuously identify and analyze all potential security threats.

    We protect our sites through a combination of preventative measures such as fencing, surveillance and access-control systems. We also train all personnel, including third-party, on relevant safety and security protocols.

    We place high value on secure data and the protection of personal data – regardless of whether it is customer, supplier or employee data, or in which country the data are used. It is our duty to continuously monitor and improve our risk management and security measures. 

    We operate all our assets in a responsible and sustainable manner by:

    • Evaluating and reducing our environmental impact continuously by applying best available technologies where possible,
    • Assessing the current environmental conditions and liabilities of our assets,
    • Establishing an environmental management system to ensure that design, change, operation, and maintenance of assets are  in compliance with environmental regulations.

    This includes the monitoring of our solid, liquid, and gaseous emissions, the prevention and management of unplanned losses of containment, the reduction of emissions and waste from normal operations, the disposal of waste, as well as the assessment of historic, actual, and potential environmental impacts.

    Everybody accessing any Advario premise (terminal, construction site, offices) has the right to return home safely every day after work. Thus, each person who engages in any Advario related activity is encouraged to take care of each other on the site, regardless of who they work for.