Our business

“We believe in true collaboration and have a history of building and maintaining long term, trusted partnerships, helping our customers around the world grow with us and realise their vision.”

Yvan Tavernier
Chief Operating Officer

Preferred partners in liquid storage logistics

Building on 50 years of adaptive, customer-focused storage expertise in chemicals, gases, fuels and new energy products, we continue a tradition of close partnership and consistent delivery. We empower our people and support their creativity to give our customers a world class experience.

True belief in partnerships

To successfully enable the energy transition, the only approach is through true partnerships with our customers and partners, sharing capabilities, opportunities, and risks. We help our customers grow and achieve their ambitions. We apply our advanced capabilities and extensive engineering experience to deliver large scale projects in collaboration with other industry leaders.

Our global footprint

We operate a network of 13 terminals around the world. Together with our customers we build and work towards integrated solutions.

Sustainable business

Sustainability plays a critical role in our aim to transform our industry together with our partners. It is embedded in all that we do. By embracing a future-focused, holistic approach we will unlock greater opportunities to change our business for the better.