Our expertise

Our solutions to build better business are based on 50 years of adaptive customer-focused expertise, maintaining our heritage while embracing the future. Our capabilities span a broad range of products; from chemicals, gases and fuels to new energy products.

Conception: adaptable concepts tailored to customer needs

We bring a deep understanding of our customers’ ecosystems for integration into local and global networks. With our strong engagement and listening skills we are practical, adaptable and solution driven.

Design: value driven engineering solutions – unlocking the maximum value for our customers

Over the years, we have designed numerous tanks and jetties, inland distribution systems and related infrastructure, leveraging our understanding of automation and digitalisation of operating systems. With broad in-house capabilities across civil, mechanical, E&I, and marine engineering, we create sustainable, flexible, efficient and reliable designs. 

Construction: international experience managing complex projects 

Across the globe we construct feedstock and rundown infrastructure for refineries, crackers, chemical plants as well as transportation infrastructure (rail, road, ship). We have proven expertise in developing sophisticated cryogenic infrastructure for ammonia, propane, butane and other gases. 

Operation and maintenance: safe, efficient and sustainable processes – ensuring maximum reliability

For us it’s safety first. We always operate our assets and handle our customers’ products with great care. We can process a full range of gases and chemicals. We operate multi-user terminals and have robust M&R systems to ensure asset integrity. Through stringent maintenance we keep our assets competitive for future requirements. 

Beyond storage: looking ahead

We believe that the right combination of talent and technology is the formula to optimising business. We actively and strategically invest in business propositions, contribute to knowledge platforms, industry associations, and develop partnerships with our customers, going beyond storage.