Our strategy

Sustainable liquids will play an important part in the energy transition. As a leading energy storage company we have a responsibility to provide adequate infrastructure and reliable access to low carbon energy and chemicals everywhere in the world.

Our ambition is to be the preferred partner for progress in the energy transition.

Driving growth through partnerships

With a true belief in partnerships we drive growth in three main sectors; gas, chemicals and increasingly new energy. Realising large-scale greenfield, brownfield and M&A projects globally we intend to double our business by 2030.

Creating value for our customers

Through an adaptive and customer focused approach, we are committed to make it happen. We continuously develop, improve and transition our assets in response and often in partnership with our customers, providing best in class storage solutions to their needs.

Sustainability at the forefront

Embedding sustainability in every aspect of our business, we create positive impact for our customers, partners, employees and society at large. Our ambition is to be Net Zero by 2040 while significantly improving the share of sustainable revenues in our portfolio.

Being a frontrunner in sustainability and change also means fostering our talent, being inclusive and diverse, reducing our own environmental footprint and caring about individuals and the communities we operate in, while being committed to good governance at all times. If we cannot do it safely and ethically, we don’t do it at all.