July 15, 2022

Advario Singapore Chemical in Jurong Island receives grant to accelerate new clean energy innovations

As part of Advario’s strategy to be a frontrunner in transforming energy storage, through the strategic partnerships with Energy Market Authority (EMA) & JTC, a consortium consisting of  VFlowTech, CBE-eco-solutions, Rolls-Royce, infosys, and Nanyang Technological University Singapore and Advario was formed in November 2021 to accelerate sustainable energy technologies, utilizing Jurong Island as a living testbed.  

EMA and JTC, with support from Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG), recently awarded three projects under the $6 million grant to test-bed new clean energy innovations on Jurong Island. These projects demonstrate the shared commitment by the industry, technology partners and government agencies to advance clean energy deployment on Jurong Island. Among the selected projects is a pilot plant at Advario Singapore Chemical in Jurong Island named “Scalable Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for Round-the-clock renewable solution”.  

The project aims to demonstrate the innovative deployment of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery energy storage systems (VRFB-ESS) by leveraging existing storage tank infrastructure on Jurong Island. 

The project seeks to store the ESS electrolyte in specially designed storage tanks which can potentially be scaled up to raise the ESS capacity from MWh to GWh scale. The solution will also be 100% recyclable, and the vanadium electrolyte will be synthesized from industrial waste on Jurong Island. The ESS solution will be deployed at a 460 square metres site on Jurong Island and will be powered using solar photovoltaic systems deployed on Advario’s facilities on Jurong Island. 

The innovative ESS design demonstrates strong synergy with Jurong Island companies who owns storage tanks that can potentially be used for energy storage. The structure of this innovative VRFB-ESS is also about five times more space-efficient than that of a typical containerised redox flow battery ESS due to the size of the storage tanks available and comes with cloud-based smart energy management to optimise the operation of ESS for different applications. The VRFB-ESS can accelerate the development and adoption of renewable energy as well as reduce the environmental impact of industrial waste in Jurong Island. 

Snehashish Chatterjee, VP SEA Advario commented: ‘This Singapore government-supported pilot project is a great opportunity for Advario to capitalize on its 50 years of energy storage knowledge, exceptional safety record, innovative & entrepreneurial mentality, and ESG emphasis in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030. We eagerly anticipate the pilot plant’s findings to scale up the energy storage system successfully with like-minded partners in the near future.’ 

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