February 16, 2023

Advario is nominated in 3 categories at the Tank Storage Awards

As a testament to our vision of what the terminal of the future should be, and our multi-pronged, innovative approach to making this vision a reality, Tank Storage Magazine has nominated Advario for 3 prestigious awards, which will be held at the 2023 Tank Storage Awards. 

The nominations are: The 2023 Terminal of the Future Award for Advario B.V., The Outstanding Achievement Award for Karteek Rao, our sales & logistics manager for his work developing customer-focused strategies, and The Terminal Innovation Award for Advario Stolthaven Antwerp. 

At Advario, we work and innovate by creating true partnerships, sharing capabilities and opportunities. This helps us build our vision of the future and helps our customers thrive through the energy transition. We believe this is how business should be done, and how transformation can be achieved.

Having received these nominations is an honor, a testament to our wonderful employees and our work ethic, and we would be thrilled if we were chosen to win.

You can help make that possible, by casting your vote, via this link.

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