August 6, 2021

Strategic alliance agreement with Daya Bay Government signed

Oiltanking Daya Bay and Daya Bay Government in Huizhou have entered into a strategic alliance framework agreement to advance the development of the world-class Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park. The agreement lays the foundation for a modern logistics and warehousing cooperation that deepens the collaboration between the Daya Bay Government, Huizhou Municipal Government and Oiltanking Group.

The virtual signing event was held in Daya Bay, Huizhou, and was attended by the leadership teams of Oiltanking Group and the holding company Marquard & Bahls, Oiltanking Asia Pacific and Oiltanking Daya Bay, together with the leaders of Huizhou Municipal Government and Dayawan Administrative Committee of the Daya Bay Government. 

The Strategic Alliance Agreement between Oiltanking and Daya Bay Government presents another milestone in the successful development of the Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park. The signing of the agreement follows the successful relocation of Oiltanking’s tanks within the park to allow optimized utilization of the Daya Bay land plot, in accordance with the government’s master plan for the Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park. Oiltanking relocated 7 tanks in Daya Bay with a capacity of 33,000 cbm storing predominantly petrochemicals. With Oiltanking‘s high commitment, teamwork and operational excellence as well as the support of the government, the relocation project was completed in a record time of 8 months, well ahead of target schedule while achieving the highest, “Target Zero” safety performance.

Matti Lievonen, CEO of Oiltanking said: “We feel honored to enter the Strategic Alliance Agreement with Daya Bay Government. This agreement provides an excellent opportunity to further grow the partnership with the Daya Bay government and support the advancement of the Daya Bay Industrial Park. Furthermore, it lays the foundation for further expansion of Oiltanking in Daya Bay Industrial Park hence strengthening Oiltanking’s presence in China.”

William Yau, Senior Vice President of Oiltanking Asia Pacific, added, “We are very pleased with the opportunities to invest further in China, the world’s biggest market for Petrochemicals, and specifically in Huizhou Dayabay. We look forward to partner with Daya Bay Government and contribute our global technical know-how for the future development of the Daya Bay Industrial Park.” 

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