Fraud and scan alert

Beware of fraudulent invoices and business propositions

We have become aware of fraudulent offers and business propositions by individuals presenting themselves as Advario employees or representatives. These individuals use our name, terminal names, and logos to appear authentic, often seeking unauthorized payments using false documentation. Advario takes these matters seriously and promptly notifies the appropriate authorities. These frauds can appear as unsolicited business propositions, fictitious job opportunities, or prize awards and grants.

Beware of the warning signs

Be cautious of email from free web-based accounts, non-official contact details, requests for upfront fees or personal information, urgency, and poor grammar.

What to do

Do not disclose personal or financial details to unsolicited offers. Contact us and notify the authorities if you encounter suspicious activity.  Do not engage with or forward fraudulent communication. Any engagements with fraudulent communications are done at your own risk. Advario is not responsible or liable for the fraudulent acts of those imposters who misuse its name and identity.

Official resource

For more information on implicated websites, visit: