February 22, 2023

Advario Helios Singapore Supports Maritime Energy Transition

Press Release

Singapore | 13 February 2022

Advario B.V. (Advario) is committed to transform its Jurong Island terminal, Advario Helios Singapore Pte Ltd (Advario Helios) to handle renewable fuels such as green ammonia and green methanol for bunkering services, transforming the terminal into a multi-fuel bunkering terminal. Key to this transformation is the ample waterfront at Advario Helios to construct new jetties to berth vessels handling such renewable fuels. . Following the successful completion of a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), approvals for the construction of the new jetties were obtained from the local relevant agencies. With its geographical advantage, there is available land adjacent to Advario Helios that may be utilised to construct new tanks to store such renewable fuels. Advario Helios is planning to develop these jetties and tanks to enable the maritime fuel transition.

In line with Singapore’s Green Plan, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong emphasized “A Resilient and Sustainable Energy Future” at last year’s Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), stating that the world needs to green our energy sources to address the current climate crisis. Singapore must take a proactive approach and shift towards adopting green energy alternatives that will help us decarbonise to a net-zero future.

As the world’s top bunkering hub, Singapore is crucial in the decarbonisation of maritime fuels. Green ammonia and green methanol are considered maritime fuels of the future, with the possibility of significantly reducing carbon emissions. Advario believes that a mix of renewable fuels is required to decarbonize the maritime industry moving forward. As one of the key bunkering terminals in Singapore, Advario Helios strives to be the frontrunner in enabling the transition of bunker fuels.

Advario is also one of the study partners supporting the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation’s (GCMD) ammonia bunkering safety study, which aims to establish the basis for a regulatory sandbox to pave the way for ammonia bunkering trials in Singapore. In addition, Advario has also recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sumitomo Corporation to collaborate on ammonia bunkering activities in Singapore.

These developments are testimony of Advario’s commitment to the maritime industry’s decarbonisation efforts, by providing storage and bunkering services to parties using renewable fuels. This supports the Singapore 2050 net zero targets and is also in line with Advario’s own net zero target, which is to reduce carbon emissions in our operations.

“Although energy transition in the maritime industry remains a challenge given today’s context of high prices and nascent technology, we at Advario believe that with like-minded partners, we are confident of a way forward to unlock this potential and contribute constructively towards decarbonization.” says Snehashish Chatterjee, Vice President, Advario Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

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Advario B.V. is a leading partner in liquid storage logistics with a global network handling a broad range of products from chemicals, gases, and fuels to new energy products. We bring decades of experience, a future-focused, holistic approach and a truly ambitious ESG agenda. Continuing a tradition of close partnership, safe and reliable operations, and consistent delivery, we build and work together towards future-focused solutions for our customers and partners.

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